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Piotr Gawron’s portrait

Research interest


Application of quantum computation and in particular quantum machine learning for efficient and accurate satellite images understanding for wide scale assessment of climate change impact.

Past but still on-going:

Quantum computation, quantum games, quantum programming languages, numerical ranges and shadows, tensor networks

My comic book on quantum information processing (in Polish)

Written together with Katarzyna Kara (illustrations) and Michał Cholewa (scenario)

Rewolucja Stanu comic book cover (in Polish).

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Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics,
Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Bałtycka 5, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

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PhD theses supervised:

  1. Łukasz Pawela “Open system in quantum informatics” (PhD received in 2017)
  2. Michał Romaszewski “New methods for hyperspectral image classification” (PhD received in 2019)

Erdös Number:

Trough Man Duen Choi and then Bruce Reznick my Erdös Number is 3.

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Numerical range / numerical shadow

Quantum games

Quantum information theory

Quantum computation